'Tubular Telepathy' Released! (Exponent 2.0 Beta 3)

Friday, May 27, 2011 Tags: patch, release, bugs

At a seemingly breakneck pace, the Exponent Development Team released “Exponent CMS 2.0.0 Beta 3” todaywhich is titled 'Tubular Telepathy'.  This release takes the project even closer to the planned stable release this summer!

The primary emphasis for the Beta 3 milestone was the help system.  You'll now find help links on most administrative pages, once you turn this feature on under the site configuration.  Additionally, you'll find helpful content already available in the online help.

Additionally the following changes can be seen in Beta 3:

  • Completely revised installation/upgrade routine for a more automated experience
    • All upgrade installations will be taken through the process
  • Fixed a reported security vulnerability
  • Notable Module fixes and improvements
    • Migration: Adds option to migrate page permissions. Added some error checking and fixes prior to migration of old database. Adds rss feedlistmodule migration.
    • Photo Album: Improvements to photo album gallery view.
    • Code Snippet: Adds multiple item capability to module and new "highlight text" action
    • Forms: Displays number of records next to View Data link. Resets report columns to "all" whenever a new control is added to keep new field from seeming hidden or not saved.
    • CKEditor (WYSIWYG): Fixes issues where dialogues won't close. Adds toolbar skin selection, spell-checking-as-you-type, and formatted pasting to CKEditor (site configuration controlled). Fixes several problems with custom toolbar manager. Moves toolbar configuration to the wysiwyg tab of site configuration.
    • Added per-module thumbnail jpeg quality setting for files and photoalbums slideshows and galleries. Adds user adjusted thumbnail quality (jpeg compression level) to site configuration display tab.
    • Adds horizontal scrolling to user/group permissions and form module view data.  Previously these tables flowed over the side of the column and looked ugly.
    • Changes summaries to allow breaks and add links where applicable
    • Adds PHP version and preliminary 'report a bug' to Exponent menu
  •  Plus other changes and fixes which are found in the CHANGELOG

The next planned release is slated for early July and is planned to be the final beta release (#4) before moving on to a release candidate shortly thereafter.  The main goal of the Beta 4 milestone is to correct some flaws in the user and group permissions system.