Cryptic Curmudgeon (v2.2.3) is Out!

Friday, November 1, 2013 Tags: release

This version implements several minor changes, so we recommend testing prior to updating a production site (see below)!  This most recent stable release has changes which include a new role for the 'create' permission and global group permissions (see article) and it also (finally) deprecates several obsolete features (see article).  Furthermore, it adds several new features and addresses several issues (see article) in previous versions.

Additionally, it updates the Navigation 'Show Navigation' (showall) 'Flyout Sidebar' view to display the module title vertically and allow more than one instance per page.  In order to allow more than one instance, we made the 'source' dynamic.  Therefore, if you had been using this module view, it's contents will seem to have disappeared.  There are two solutions to this anomaly:

  1. Add similar new modules into the flyout sidebar and aggregate each module to the now hidden module.
  2. (or) change the hard-coded navigation module view with the similar container module view.
    • Edit your theme template (index.php in the theme folder) and the subtheme templates (subthemes folder)
    • Replace any instance of the module view
      <?php expTheme::module(array("controller"=>"navigation","action"=>"showall","view"=>"showall_flyout_sidebar","source"=>"navsidebar","chrome"=>true)); ?>
    • with a container view using a NEW source
      <?php expTheme::module(array("controller"=>"container","action"=>"showall","view"=>"showall_flyoutsidebar","source"=>"flyout_sidebar","chrome"=>true)); ?>

And since we've finally deprecated and removed all the obsolete 'stuff', you may run into issues if you didn't first run versions 2.2.0patch1 through 2.2.2patch2 since they had a 'fallback emulation' mode which would list all the theme issues with a recommended solution.  If you've already scrubbed/updated your theme templates (following all those recommendations) and your page still seems to crash, your theme templates may be referencing obsolete javascript constants.  If you can turn the 'DEVELOPMENT' switch on within the /framework/conf/config.php file, you'll be told which specific ones to look for (and where), but in the meantime, note that JS_FULL, JS_PATH, YUI3_PATH, & YUI2_PATH no longer exist.  See this article on how to make your theme 2.x compliant.

Additional new features include:

  • New 'no index' and 'no follow' options to the SEO tabs for pages and items to prevent them from being indexed by search engines
  • Form data filtering to allow display of subsets of form data
  • New 'page' summary type to allow entering the page break using the WYSIWYG editor
  • New 'force auto resize' and default folder on quick uploads
  • New slideshow transition selection and 'dim controls' option
  • New 'copy' command for portfoliio module
  • New show login only view
  • New optional PDF engine (mPDF) available as a separate download
  • Better theme mobile device support with new meat viewport tags.