Exponent CMS Forums Back Up!

Thursday, January 28, 2016 Tags: forums

(updated Jan 29th) After being out of service for quite some time, we have the Exponent CMS forums back up and running (forums.exponentcms.org) with a few caveats:

  • All previous forum content was lost, however we managed to recover most of the posts from archived email, therefore the content is basically there but may not have the correct original posting date, or may be attached to the incorrect conversation, or may be duplicated
  • All previous accounts were NOT restored so that we could accomplish the restoration of content...THEREFORE you'll have to create a new account
    • If you'd like to re-create the same account (name), please contact dleffler12@gmail.com
  • You can now logon using your Facebook or Twitter accounts

We are running the Vanilla Forums software (currently at v2.2).  It appears the anti-spam integration is (finally) working well, especially since that was what eventually led to its accidental deletion.

(as of Jan 29th) We've effectively re-attached the user records for all past forum 'posters' (or at least those with content now on the new site), so you could effectively reactivate your old account by following the process for a forgotten password on the sign in screen, and then entering your email address or username.

We're NOT going to attempt to add the other old users to this new database since the old database had literally 1000's of spam users.  However unlike the group above (those with posts on the site), this set of users will not be prevented from selecting their old username.

Therefore, if you attempt to reset your account password and the system tells you 'Couldn't find an account associated with that email/username.', you'll need to create a new user account.