Version 2.4.3 Released

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 Tags: release, bugs, security

A 'Badgered Beagle' arrives and brings Twitter Bootstrap v4 and Font Awesome v5 support! A sample Bootstrap v4 theme is now included with the package, though we no longer ship a sample Bootstrap v2 theme. We've also added support for IIS servers along with a sample configuration for NGINX servers. We've tweaked many things to ensure we are HTTP/2 compliant which should result in removing issues about cross domain loading of files. Furthermore many issues and other things have been tweaked. We strongly encourage all Exponent installations be upgraded to v2.4.3 as soon as practical!

If you installed the beta Bootstrap v4 theme, you'll want to select the optional script to remove its unnecessary files (controls, framework, modules, & plugins sufolders), unless you've already tweaked them. Those file have been moved into the system, and if the beta files are left in the theme folder, they will always override any system files which may contain needed updates and fixes.

As with all previous upgrades, we highly recommend you test your system and custom theme before upgrading a production server, especially if jumping over minor version numbers. An article about updating a custom theme can be found here. Several articles about upgrading can be found here.