Posts from "May 2023"

Plans for v2.7.1patch3/v3.0.1patch3

Giving you a summer forecast...the main things we'll be working on this summer should include the following of  which several will manifest itself as a patch #3:

  • Multi-column form controls - this will only be available for Bootstrap 4 & 5 and then only with standard labels (not side labels). This feature is mostly completed, but needs some testing in all scenarios before release.
  • Cleaner checkbox and radio controls - again only for Bootstrap 4 & 5, but should benefit Bootstrap 3 and maybe Traditional or YUI controls. This will include an attempt to correctly display the label on the requested side of the control. We will also attempt to implement organic 'inline' controls instead of using tables and columns. Additionally an attempt to implement a 'required' option for a radio group. P.S. we added a 'required' checkbox option in v2.7.1/v3.0.1 patch #2.
  • TinyMCE v6 - perhaps we'll upgrade our v5 support with the latest v6 release. Though it doesn't have as many features as v5. A reminder we added the TinyMCE v5 option in the last version.
  • CKEditor v5 - now that CKEditor v4 is 'End or Life' we should do the heavy lifting required to implement v5? Though it's a different paradigm with seemingly fewer features, it is the future. Must come up with a method to include our custom 'Insert Field' plugin!
  • Bootstrap v5.3 - though just released as final and working locally, our swatches haven't been updated to add the new 'dark' mode feature yet.