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Patch #6 Released for V2.3.8

Jun 24, 2016

This patch is released to address a fix for the traditional file manager file uploaded which has been broken on Bootstrap based themes. It also addresses some specific issues in the v2.3.8, v2.3.8 Patch #1, v2.3.8patch #2, v2.3.8 Patch #3, v2.3.8 Patch #4, and v2.3.8 Patch #5 releases. ...

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Exponent web sites become more mobile friendly

Jun 16, 2016

Though you may not have immediately noticed a difference, both the main Exponent CMS site (this site) and the Exponent CMS Documentation web site have an updated look which is based on Twitter Bootstrap (3). While we've attempted to keep the basic look and feel for both sites, they will now be much more small device friendly.  Please be patient as we tweak a few things, especially in regards to how menus/navbars operate, etc... ...

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Security Vulnerability - All Exponent Versions - June 2016

Jun 3, 2016

There are two security vulnerabilities in Exponent 2.x found on June 1, 2016.  The first has been present in all versions of Exponent (2.x), and the second is found in all versions since and including v2.1.0.  The fix(es) is: ...

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Updated Patches released for v2.1.4 and v2.2.3

Jun 1, 2016

Though they are both extremely old versions, they were the release before a major version change and are/may still be in use. Please bear in mind we strongly recommend your installations be updated to a much newer version which contains many more fixes and new features. Having said that, these patches (v2.1.4patch8 and v2.2.3patch11) fix a security vulnerability with the database manager and pixidou editor. And in v2.2.3 we correct some very annoying debug output (warnings) that practically makes the site unusable when error reporting is turned on. ...

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PHP and Exponent in 2016

PHP LogoThe primary scripting language used in Exponent CMS is PHP, just as with most other CMS packages such as W***P****, J***la, and D***pal. PHP is a scripting processor running on the web server which parses the PHP scripts to perform a task or output a page. Unlike javascript which is processed within the browser on the viewer's device. PHP development has been advancing at break-neck speed over recent months, and here's how it affects Exponent CMS. ...

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New Bootstrap3 Dynamic/Drag-n-Drop Form Designer

New Form DesignerThe new v2.3.8 Patch #4 contains an updated form designer for Bootstrap 3 based themes (sorry we're still running into issues on the non-Bootstrap 3 themes). This allows for much easier and quicker form creation and editing. Whereas the previous interface required going back and forth through various screens (page loads), everything now takes place on the main form designer page with updates being performed in the background. What's more...the form designer looks and operates very similar to the previous version. ...

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eCommerce Payments

BillingThe goal of this article is to help better understand how 'payments' operate within the Exponent eCommerce system.  'Payments' are used to virtualize an online cash transaction for goods (products) or services (event registration or donation).  There are basically two (2) types of payment systems called 'billing calculators' within Exponent: ...

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Offline Blog Post Editing

Writing Blog ArticlesExponent provides an excellent environment for writing and sharing articles or 'blogs'.  A site where the 'back-end' is on the front-end and a variety of what-you-see-is-what-you-get WYSIWYG editors take away some of the creative hassles with writing.  Another nice convenience for writing articles which is found on other blog applications (like WP), is editing the articles offline by using an application to manage and edit multiple blog articles.  Though there was preliminary support for this feature in the v0.99beta1 release (before v2.x), it has not been available to the v2.x code line...until now.   ...

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