Exponent Documentation

The current state of Exponent Documentation is not where we'd like it to be. However, we're making a strong effort to bring documentation up to speed with a great system that makes it effortless for administrators to find the information they are looking for very quickly, directly through their Exponent Website's interface. What's more...the help/documentation site is actually a simple ExponentCMS site with a customized theme.

Exponent Documentation Website

The online help and documentation site contains a wealth of information about Exponent CMS.  It can be accessed from within Exponent, in most areas with a context sensitive link to an appropriate help topic. docs.exponentcms.org

Exponent API Documentation

For detailed API documentation of interest to developers, you can visit api.exponentcms.org.

Other sources of documentation

A very old and outdated wiki is available at wiki.exponentcms.org. This mostly has information for Exponent version 0.97 and below.

The previous Exponent website is now located at oldsite.exponentcms.org, including the old forums, blog posts, and news.

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