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Upcoming Patch to v2.3.5 Will Address Several Issues

October 2, 2015   |  Tags: patch, bugs, preview

Computer bugsSeveral issues which are found within the most recent release (v2.3.5) have been identified and fixed, and a patch to v2.3.5 will be released in the near future.  While several of these bugs are only present in v2.3.5 (and no previous version), some of these have been present for quite a while.  The following issues have been resolved: ...

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v2.3.5 Arrives for Fall

September 18, 2015   |  Tags: release

Just in time for a seasonal release, 'Awesome Autumn' brings several changes and many, many fixes to Exponent.  We recommend that all users with a v2.3.x installation, upgrade to this version (with the normal precautions before upgrading a production web site).  ...

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Exponent Forums Down

September 15, 2015   |  Tags: forums

The support forum web site is currently not working, nor are the old messages available. ...

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What to look for in the next release - v2.3.5

August 17, 2015   |  Tags: preview

Enhanced Password Support(Updated Sept 16th) The next update to Exponent will be a version upgrade, v2.3.5 which should be out before Fall 2015.  They'll be several new features and enhancements in addition to many bug fixes especially to the elFinder file manager.  Here's a partial list of changes from v2.3.4: ...

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Patch #1 Released for V2.3.4

May 23, 2015   |  Tags: patch, release, bugs

This patch fixes a number of issues in the v2.3.4 release and also provides many fixes and tweaks to the ecommerce system. Patch #1 to v2.3.4 is found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/exponentcms/files/exponent-2.3.4-patch-1.zip/download ...

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Terminal Tweak Released

May 4, 2015   |  Tags: release

Terminal Tweak, the v2.3.4 release is now available. This release marks the removal of all YUI2 based code along with the usual batch of fixes and assorted new features  We recommend that all users with a v2.3.x installation, upgrade to this version (with the normal precautions before upgrading a production web site).  ...

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Patch #1 Released for v2.3.3 - It's NO Joke!

March 31, 2015   |  Tags: patch, release, bugs

Please don't be fooled by the release date, but patch #1 to version 2.3.3 is a real update!  This patch fixes a number of issues in the v2.3.3 release and also provides many fixes and tweaks to the ecommerce system. Patch #1 to v2.3.3 is found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/exponentcms/files/exponent-2.3.3-patch-1.zip/download ...

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Springtime Solace Warms the Cold Winter

February 28, 2015   |  Tags: release

(The original post was accidently deleted)  Just in time for spring, v2.3.3 (Springtime Solace) is now available.  Though originally intended as v2.3.2 patch #3, it grew as large as a full release package.  It contains all the fixes for the v2.3.2 patches. ...

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Export to PDF Libraries Updated

January 28, 2015   |  Tags: release, pdf

We've updated the optional 'Export to PDF' libraries.  These libraries are NOT included with the Exponent CMS package (nor the git repository), but are available as separate downloads. ...

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Patch #2 Released for v2.3.2

January 12, 2015   |  Tags: patch, release, bugs

In addition to the issues addressed in v2.3.2 patch #1, this 2nd patch fixes some anomalies with the 'security fixes' (especially on older servers using php magic quotes).  It also provides many fixes and tweaks to the ecommerce system. Patch #2 to v2.3.2 is found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/exponentcms/files/exponent-2.3.2-patch-2.zip/download ...

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