Exponent CMS Development

v2.x Source Code on Github

Exponent's v2.x source code is managed using git and can be found on Github. If you'd like to contribute code, you can fork the project, play with the code, and issue a pull request for code review and merge.

Deprecated v1.x Source

You can also find the most recent (though deprecated) v1.x source code on Github.  This source code was originally managed using Bazaar and was hosted on Launchpad.  A full log of develop commits through v0.98 can be viewed on Launchpad for the 1.x codeline.


Exponent is currently being developed by:

  • Fred Dirkse
  • Phillip Ball
  • David Leffler
  • Rassel Jan David

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Active Developers can receive a license to use the PhpStorm IDE Developed withSmart IDE for PHP development with HTML, CSS & JavaScript support
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