Filing a Bug Report

As with any software, you're bound to encounter bugs of various kinds. You can help improve Exponent in eliminating these issues by filing a bug report. Exponent's bug reporting system is hosted on Lighthouse. You'll need to sign up for a Lighthouse account in order to file a report.

Be a good reporter

Make sure that you provide the Exponent Development Team with accurate and detailed information so that we can easily address the issue. Here's a list of information to provide us when filling out your bug report:

  • Concise, and to-the-point summary of the issue
  • Your server's PHP version
  • Your server's MySQL Version
  • You computer's Browser and version
  • You computer's Operating System
  • The version of Exponent you're running (if it's pulled from Github, please provide a date or revision)
  • The steps taken to produce the issue

Submit a Security Bug

Bug reports should be submitted on Lighthouse, but if you want to report a security issue that would be not be publicized, you may submit it here.

Please include which version of Exponent, version of PHP, and type of server being used
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File a Bug Report

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