Black Friday Special - Tumbling Turkeys Now Available!

Friday, November 23, 2012 Tags: release

As scheduled, version 2.1.0 named 'Tumbling Turkeys' is released on Black Friday 2012.  There are many updates and fixes in the version, most notably is the new calendar module called 'Events' and a new 'Mega' menu navigation view which allows a free-form menu item to embed modules.  Things to look for in this version are:

  • upgrades calendar to a 2.0 event controller with categories & tags
    •  optionally upgrades and converts existing calendars
    •  adds color-coded categories and tags
    •  adds color-coded aggregation of external Google & iCal calendars, and online event registrations
  • adds new 'mega-menu' navigation view with new free-form page/menu type for embedding modules
  • adds optional nested comments, and optional per-item comment disabling
  • adds optional comments to filedownload module items
  • adds optional external file url for file download item
  • removes extra themes to reduce size of package, available as separate addon downloads  These are available for download at  There is also a new experimental theme based on Twitter-Bootstrap
  • adds version change information to initial upgrade page
  • adds optional color/style to categories
  • adds random sorting/sequence to photo album/slideshows
  • adds optional user selectable email destination on form submission
  • adds new built-in database manager
  • plus many, many other tweaks, fixes, and features

Some changes to the calendar you'll need to be aware of.  Though we've not YET removed the old calendar, when you optionally upgrade all your existing calendars to the new event controller, external access to the calendar (cron/ical) has changed slightly:

  • Each calendar can now have a unique 'sef' name for easily reference instead of a module number or source.  You must enter this in the calendar configuration settings.
  • The (cron) reminders feature now uses a security feature and a new address.  The details are found on the 'Reminders' tab of the calendar configuration settings.
  • While the old ical publish link should still work, the newer one is more
  • Additionally, some of the view specific settings are not copied over into the upgraded module.

We were able to achieve most of the items planned for this release, but some of them turned out to be longer term projects than anticipated.  Stay tuned for the first release of  next year, when v2.1.1 is scheduled to be release at the end of January 2013.