Second Stable Release - v2.0.1 Now Available

Friday, September 30, 2011 Tags: patch, release, bugs

In keeping with a plan to release regular updates to Exponent, we introduce "Infinite Immersion" (v2.0.1) to you one (1) month after the release of the first stable version of Exponent 2.0.  In addition to fixing some nasty bugs like those corrected with the recent patch, we are still working to shed all remnants of Exponent 1.0 code. 

However, unlike the 2.0 stable release last month, we encourage you to test any upgrade to v2.0.1 before applying it to a production site.  There are some changes that could break a customized theme or modification.  With that in mind, here's some of the changes you'll find in 2.0.1:

  • The YUI 2 javascript library loader was changed to now use 'yui2in3' which is the current method for continuing to use YUI2 (which as of recent is no longer being developed).  This change MAY BREAK ANY CUSTOM THEMES/MODS as we had warned in a recent news posting.
    • If you use any YUI2 code in your custom theme or views, you'll need to verify it works before putting this upgrade into a production site.
  • Several other 3rd party libraries  were updated to include: SwiftMail v4.1.2 (adds secure connection protocol selection: SSL, TLS, or none), CKeditor v3.6.2 (adds iOS5 support), & the MagPieRSS feedreader class was replaced by SimplePie class
  • The theme engine was updated to include theme previewing, configuration, style variations, and mobile theme variations
    • Adds new user configurable Multi-Options theme which also demonstrates the new FlyoutYUI Login view (note the green icon near the upper left corner)
    • Adds selectable style variations to SimpleTheme which includes an example barebones Mobile theme variation (view the site on an iPhone or Android)
  • The twitter module updated to better mimic view, includes retweet features
  • Many ecommerce updates
  • Several 1.0 style subsystems & modules were deprecated including the administration & login modules
    • Any custom themes/views must be updated to reference login controller instead of loginmodule

We are planning on releasing updates on a monthly basis (last Friday of the month) as long as active development continues.  However, this may be hindered by higher priority projects, absences, etc...