Fixes for v2.0.1 File Manager, Login/Logout, & Cancel button Issues

Thursday, October 20, 2011 Tags: patch, bugs

Patch #3 is now available to fix three issues found with version 2.0.1 which affect the File Manager, Login/Logout, and Cancel button:

  1. In the File Manager when changing file settings (title, alt, public) inside File Manager for v.2.0.1. Where if you attempt to change the file title, alt, or public/shared status, the screen hangs when you click the "Save" button.
  2. Problem on some servers (OSX) where Login/Logout would cause a redirect loop (this file was in the wrong location in patch #2).
  3. Problem where clicking cancel button keeps you on same (settings) page

This updated  patch #3 fixes those problems.

To install:

  • Download the patch file from github here
  • Login as administrator
  • Select the Exponent, Developer Tools, Extensions, Upload Extension menu item
  • Click on the 'Upload Extension' button and select the downloaded file
  • Click on the 'Continue with Installation' button (there are only three  files listed)

This fix simply replaces the '/framework/modules/file/views/file/picker_cke.tpl', '/login.php', & /framework/core/subsystems-1/forms/controls/buttongroupcontrol.php' files. 
Alternatively, you can manually extract the files to those locations.