Patch #1 Released for V2.3.4

Saturday, May 23, 2015 Tags: patch, release, bugs

This patch fixes a number of issues in the v2.3.4 release and also provides many fixes and tweaks to the ecommerce system. Patch #1 to v2.3.4 is found at

Things to note about this release:

Due to a change in the slingbar menu, you will see several duplicated menus until you run the version update.

v234patch1 adds these features to v234:
- adds bootstrap 3 variation to event & news announcement view using 'panels'
- adds shipping calcuator support (easypost provides order fulfillment support for multiple carriers for 5 cents/package)
  -- shipping calculators can now support multiple carriers
  -- initial easypost support is limited to providing shipping cost estimates (as the other calculators have always done)
- updates shipping calculators to autofill configuration 'from address' using the store address
- updates 'checkout' view to make better use of modal dialogs for detailed actions (change shipping or change address in bs3)
- adds 'capture' and 'void' methods to authorizedotnet and paypalexpress billing calculators
- PayPalExpress calculator now (actually) supports both partial and full refunds
- adds new 'orders' menu to slingbar with indicator on slingbar of new orders (also revises upcoming events menu similarly)

v234patch1 fixes these issues in v234:
!!! regression fix to enable 'hide module' support (broken for quite some time) allows hiding module on public page
!!! regression fix for being unable to add new products
!!! regression fix for problem with too many products/orders; new site configuration, ecommerce tab setting to handle large databases
!!! regression fix link module no 'order items' button/link displayed for manually ordered link items if module configuration not yet created/saved
!!! regression fix to only remove orphan order and associated records over 60 days old since they are used for abandoned carts data
!!! regression fix to support recent phpThumb thumbnailer update which may have prevented display of some images
!!! regression fix for properly selecting checkboxes/radios when passed an array of values
- reactivates the 'reorder pages' upgrade script because new page manager won't work with page ranks beginning at 0
- title (link) of search hit is now highlighted
- fixes link showing # of comments on the page to jump to the same page (blog & product) instead of reloading page first
- now prevents expHistory caching of pages/actions called via ajax (we still cache them in the browser though)
- most billing/payment calculator code was 'scrubbed'
  -- removes false implication that credit card & worldpay billing supported capture/void/refund since the code doesn't support it
  -- fixes authorizedotnet calculator to actually provide both 'sale' and 'authorize' support
- updates slingbar events menu to display events which have not yet ended (rather than events which have not yet started)

v234patch1 updates these 3rd party libraries in v234:
- TinyMCE wysiwyg editor to v4.1.10
- jQuery to v1.11.4/v2.1.4
- jstree tree widget to v3.1.1
- normalize.css to v3.0.3
- jquery impromptu dialog widget to v6.2.1
- jquery timepicker widget to v1.5.4
- spectrum color picker widget to v1.7.0
- jquery colorbox widget to v1.6.1