Patch #1 Released for V2.6.0

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 Tags: patch, release, bugs

This patch fixes support for MySQL v5.7.x 'strict' mode which may have prevented new customers from logging in to checkout and increases PHP v8 compatibility, in addition to many other fixes and tweaks. It updates several 3rd party libraries.

NOTE: DO NOT INSTALL THIS PATCH ON A SERVER RUNNING PHP v5.5.x!!! Your web site will no longer run! PHP versions older than v5.6 are very obsolete and we do not support them. The next version may also remove support for PHP v5.6 and v7.0 since they are considered obsolete.

All Exponent CMS users running at least PHP version 5.6 are encouraged to move their installations to v2.6.0 and to install this patch!! Patch #1 to v2.6.0 is found at

v260patch1 adds these features to v260:

  • add help doc grandchildren display
  • add Access Point Economy and Sure Post methods to available UPS shipping, also allow Negotiated Shipping

v260patch1 fixes these issues in v260:

  • regression fix sqlsvr/odbc warning
  • php 8 regression mass mailing group listing
  • regression fix (v251p2) adding/editing help doc deletes all search index items except new one
  • regression fix paginator not formatting output of dates (order report, etc...)
  • regression fix display shipping options if only one option
  • fix fedex shipping calculator fails to return option if only one available
  • regression fix manager users large db edit user link broken
  • regression fix print buttons didn't display
  • regression fix (v251p3) - mysqli db insertObject broke when first 'true' value hit - e.g. unable to login to store

v260patch1 updates these 3rd party libraries in v260:

  • adminer to v4.8.0 for php 8 fix
  • swiftmailer to v6.2.5
  • EmailValidator to v3.0.0
  • phpxmlrpc to v4.5.2
  • scssphp to v1.4.1
  • jstree to v3.3.11
  • FedEx WSDL to v28.0.0
  • bootstrap/bootswatch to v4.6.0
  • font-awesome to v5.15.2
  • smarty to v3.1.39
  • codemirror cdn to v5.59.3
  • jquery validate to v1.19.3
  • sortable.js to v1.13.0
  • ckeditor to v4.16.0
  • phpThumb t v1.7.16