Version 2.3.2 Released to Consolidate Recent Patches

Friday, December 26, 2014 Tags: patch, release

We've gone ahead and released a new version (Christmas Consolidation) to help consolidate recent patches and reduce confusion.  Though this patch primarily addresses anomalies introduced with the recent XSS exploit fix, it also adds some new and updated features from the development code. 

In addition to all the fixes found in the v2.3.1 patches, you'll find that  this version:

  • fixes possible cross-site security issues (identified by Mayuresh Dani and Narendra Shinde from and Narendra Bhati) 
  • adds 'freeform' (modules) menu item and icon support to bootstrap 3 menu
  • adds bootstrap 2 multi-column container module views
  • adds lightbox option to mediaplayer showall view, allows grid view of icons
  • adds optional 'date badge' to motd show view
  • adds (fixes) bootstrap 3 form 'horizontal' controls (label beside control instead of above)
  • fixes 'column' styling of several 'login' views
  • updates many ecommerce features, especially for bootstrap 3
    • adds ecommerce navigation 'breadcrumb' on store show and showall views
    • adds bootstrap3 showall customer selectable 'list' view in addition to standard 'grid' view
    • adds product display 'sort by' control
    • adds customer checkout breadcrumb to indicate checkout progress
    • new filter-able and color coded manage orders view
    • completely revised bootstrap 'show order' view for easier order management
    • adds better sorting and filtering for manage products
    • adds new shipping calculators - by item & by weight
    • changes ecommerce 'meta' tags to display store name instead of site name
    • now allows for either origin or destination sales tax; taxable shipping costs; entered tax rates may now be disabled
      • US states sales tax tables now installed with store sample database
  • adds optional 0.9x theme compatibility by setting OLD_THEME_COMPATIBLE constant
  • updates database manager display to be 'responsive' for smaller screens