Time for a Heavy Harvest! (new release)

Friday, September 26, 2014 Tags: release

(NOTE: You MUST be logged in as an Admin user to perform an upgrade!) Advancing toward patch #5 for v2.3.0 proved to make the patch file as large as an entire distribution...therefore we present v2.3.1, 'Heavy Harvest' to you a bit earlier than planned.  While there are NO specific new features in this version, it does fine tune and fix many of the features added in the previous major version upgrade (v2.3.0).

The biggest 'change' to this release is the Twitter Bootstrap v3 theme engine (templates and code) has been fine tuned (along with NEWUI).  Additionally, we've fixed many portions of the e-Commerce system which didn't work in most non-US locations where there was no region/state and only organized as a country.  And we've greatly enhanced the e-Commerce help/documentation.  Furthermore, we've made several of the e-commerce management views more intuitive in managing countries and regions, and managing sales tax tables.  What's more, we've squashed a number of big bugs, a few more than were fixed in v2.3.0patch4.  In fact, the list of bugs fixed and tweaks added to the post-patch 4 code would make a long list...so if you want to see them, you'd best head to our GitHub repository and look at all the 'commits'.  And we've begun removing all the old YUI framework code from the Twitter Bootstrap v3 theme framework, so it can rely entirely on jQuery and no longer need to load YUI libraries or styles. (The YUI Framework is no longer being actively developed)

If you've already made the move to v2.3.0, we recommend you upgrade to v2.3.1.  If you still haven't made the jump from an older version, we'd recommend you perform a test installation before applying it to a production server.  And if you've not yet or already begun building Twitter Bootstrap v3 based themes, we have a couple articles which will greatly help you (here & here).