Upcoming Patch to v2.3.5 Will Address Several Issues

Friday, October 2, 2015 Tags: patch, bugs, preview

Computer bugsSeveral issues which are found within the most recent release (v2.3.5) have been identified and fixed, and a patch to v2.3.5 will be released in the near future.  While several of these bugs are only present in v2.3.5 (and no previous version), some of these have been present for quite a while.  The following issues have been resolved:

  • sometimes ALL optional upgrade scripts are run as if selected, esp. during 2nd run in an upgrade (browser refresh page)
  • the database manger stylesheet is broken under php v5.3
  • top margin with bootstrap3 flydown menu is initially incorrect
  • garbage characters displayed several views '{*'
  • the 'src' param is NOTstored in expHistory which prevents some post-action pages from working as expected
  • there are instances where user is never returned to correct page after action in some modules (event calendar, file downloads, & portfolio after an edit/delete, etc...)
  • unable to backup database due to the failure to send any data (eql save)
  • we now clear expHistory when clearing ALL caches