Updated Sample Themes Available

Saturday, January 3, 2015 Tags: theme, release

Our standard set of sample themes which are no longer included with the standard package have been updated for v2.3.0+ to make them more HTML5 and Exponent 2.x compliant.  You can find them on SourceForge.net

  • coolwatertheme is an optional theme with two styles based on the default/standard theme for Exponent v0.9x. It can be configured by the user.
  • retrotheme is an optional theme which was the default/standard for the pre-release version of Exponent v2.0. It is based on YUI 2 Gids.
  • basetheme is an optional theme. It is a very simple, barebones theme based on YUI 2 Gids.
  • multioptiontheme is an optional theme. It is user configurable with several colors, styles and fonts, yet a simple theme.