v2.0.9 - Fractalline Filament Released

Monday, October 1, 2012 Tags: release

Though a few days later than planned, the next version (2.0.9) was released today!  There are MANY updates and fixes in this version and we wanted to squeeze one more BIGGIE in!  We've finally made it past the YUI speedbump we hit about one year ago and have been stuck at YUI v3.4.0 since then.  We've taken care of those issues and plan to ship v2.0.9 with YUI v3.7.2 which has many improvements.

Other things to look for in v2.0.9 are:

# This release focuses on greater HTML5 & PHP v5.4 compliance, & module upgrades
  - upgrades old school simple poll and navigation modules into 2.0 style controllers
    -- page type indicators now displayed in Manage Pages view
    -- new universal navigation view to emulate most old navigation views through user settings
    -- initial implementation of optional menu item icons
  - adds help links to most admin displays
  - adds next/prev item in blog and news single item view
  - adds optional 'date badge' to news, blog, & filedownload views
  - calendar is more forgiving of timezone changes (events won't disappear)
    -- adds selectable weekly view to calendar
    -- updates ical feeds and send reminders cron task to use sef urls
  - adds new 2-column style display option in forms module
  - updates rss feeds to use sef urls, adds individual feed 'advertise' option
  - more efficient searches...several anomalies fixed and search activity reports available
  - importing EQL database backup files now more descriptive if errors are encountered (detailed solution provided)
  - adds some new upgrade scripts to attempt to clean up the system from previous updates
    -- deletes moved files where old file in old location may still linger
    -- attempts to fix some database issues such as mixed case naming or controller name quirks
  - new system fallback theme so pages will display even if the entire themes folder is missing
  - adds instructions to get e-commerce up and running
    -- closer to an 'out of the box' solution
    -- can now activate e-commerce w/o activating an ecom module
    -- PayPal Express checkout updated to use new api to give more into on the PayPal screen
    -- FedEx & UPS shipping calculators working
    -- e-commerce use a little more intuitive/more features now functional
  - adds a working 'upload' control to forms which will email submitted file as an attachment
  - plus many, many other tweaks, fixes, and features

We encourage you to update your sites to this latest stable version, HOWEVER as always we recommend you first test it before upgrading a production site.

If you are using custom modules (not custom views) in your theme, you MUST implement the changes listed here to keep from crashing your site.