What to look for in the next release - v2.3.5

Monday, August 17, 2015 Tags: preview

Enhanced Password Support(Updated Sept 16th) The next update to Exponent will be a version upgrade, v2.3.5 which should be out before Fall 2015.  They'll be several new features and enhancements in addition to many bug fixes especially to the elFinder file manager.  Here's a partial list of changes from v2.3.4:

  • adds Twitter Bootstrap v3 variation to the event & news announcement view using 'panels'
  • adds Facebook 'og: meta' tag support
  • adds remote blog post editing (xmlrpc), with detailed support for MS Word and MS Windows Live Writer; this feature is turned off by default
  • adds new 'easypost' ecommerce shipping calculator includes order fulfillment functions (purchase shipping labels, schedule package pickup, etc...), also adds USPS shipping support (currently only provides USPS, FedEx, and UPS support, but can be expanded to many more carriers)
  • improves overall security by allowing admin controlled password strength settings, and more secure password hashing
  • updates 'checkout' view to make better use of modal dialogs for detailed actions (change shipping or change address in bs3)
  • adds 'capture' and 'void' methods to authorizedotnet and paypalexpress billing calculators
  • PayPalExpress calculator now (actually) supports both partial and full refunds
  • adds new 'orders' menu to slingbar with indicator on slingbar of new orders (also revises upcoming events menu similarly)
  • adds new search features in elFinder file manager
  • adds new per-category setting for displaying products with category (in addition to the site-wide setting)
  • adds search filter option to portfolio simple list view and now attempts to remove category heading when filtering
  • (new) adds scss stylesheet compilation support for future work with upcoming 3rd party library versions 
  • (new) adds copy/paste and drag/drop image support to CKEditor

Fixes the following issues in v2.3.4:

  • several upgrade scripts enhances or added to help with sef url and help doc issues
  • regression fix multiple tabbed containers/modules per page issue
  • regression fix some params not properly passed for non-admin users (additional pages of search views, etc...)
  • regression fix for upcoming events views which are limited to the ical event limit even if not using ical feature
  • regression fix for several issues which wouldn't return selected files to the WYSIWYG editor in some instances
  • regression fix for creation of database indexes, should make search lookup of products/addresses more efficient
  • regression fix for initial date selection in calendar widget (sometimes was initially set to 1969)
  • regression fix to popup dialog display, esp on OSX
  • now auto-creates a more-correct and clean 'canonical' url
  • should now better handle some views when the data set is huge, also speeds up display
  • regression fix to enable 'hide module' support (broken for quite some time) allows hiding module on public page
  • regression fix for being unable to add new products
  • regression fix for problem with too many products/orders; new site configuration, ecommerce tab setting to handle large databases
  • regression fix link module no 'order items' button/link displayed for manually ordered link items if module configuration not yet created/saved
  • regression fix to only remove orphan order and associated records over 60 days old since they are used for abandoned carts data
  • regression fix to support recent phpThumb thumbnailer update which may have prevented display of some images
  • regression fix for properly selecting checkboxes/radios when passed an array of values and selecting default dropdown item
  • reactivates the 'reorder pages' upgrade script because new page manager won't work with page ranks beginning at 0
  • title (link) of search hit is now highlighted
  • fixes link showing # of comments on the page to jump to the same page (blog & product) instead of reloading page first
  • now prevents expHistory caching of pages/actions called via ajax (we still cache them in the browser though)
  • most billing/payment calculator code was 'scrubbed'
    • removes false implication that credit card & worldpay billing supported capture/void/refund since the code doesn't support it
    • fixes authorizedotnet calculator to actually provide both 'sale' and 'authorize' support
  • updates slingbar events menu to display events which have not yet ended (rather than events which have not yet started)
  • more safeguards to tell user of server configuration errors during installation/upgrade (gd not available, php wrong version)
  • (new) regression fix unable to save user/group permission settings
  • (new) regression fix to allow expMail to work with ssl/tls protocol when working under php v5.6 (also better email address checking)
  • (new) regression fix to prevent possible site crashes after saving site configuration
  • (new) fixes some integration issues between file managers and WYSIWYG editors

Additionally, Exponent should now work with php v7 (still in beta status).