Posts from "November 2022"


Exponent is still hanging on with at least one update and a new major version planned for 2023! Some features you can expect within v2.7.1 in addition to rolling up the previous patch to 2.7.0 include:

  • PHP v8.2 support
  • activate file manager trash feature
  • allow file manager theme selection from file manager preferences
  • add tinymce v5 editor (functional with new tinymce v4/v5 file manager implementation)
  • add optional selection of store home page, or page after adding item to cart
  • update non-bs datatables views to use standard styling instead of jqueryui
  • add object type name to db manager unserialized info
  • update control types for better styling, includes upgrade script
  • add/fix maintenance view countdown clock (never worked), use proper theme framework view
  • add asc/desc to sort forms records after grouping
  • add forms portfolio view user dropdown filter option
  • add option to export all form columns in CSV instead of only those selected for display
  • add smtp option to only use the smtp username as 'from' address for very strict smtp servers

Some fixes in this patch will include:

  • regression fix (v270p1) calendar month selector popup
  • fix tinymce5 support in bs4/5 broken & had no file manager support
  • fix multiple issues with tinymce/tinymce5 custom configurations
  • fix editing existing blog, filedownload, or news item (view) may crash on php v8 
  • clean form control styling and processing, esp. bs5
  • update expUnserialize function to include 'message' in countdownController
  • fix multiple errors in countdownController default view and with newer smarty/php versions
  • fix file manger root files and folders were locked for super-admins and coundn't be removed
  • remove links from Workflow Revisions list to prevent issues
  • (v270) regression fix Forms search cumulating records issue
  • fix bootstrap.js v5 cdn wrong version
  • fix extraneous datatables styles were being loaded
  • fix turning off antispam causes views with antipam to crash (reset password, etc...)

Additionally, many 3rd party libraries will be updated.

Furthermore, there will be a new major version 3.0.0alpha1 released as unstable which completely removes support for obsolete PHP versions (5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 & 7.3). This deprecation will also take with it some double-versioned libraries required to support those obsolete PHP versions. Otherwise, they'll be no code changes from the 2.7.1 release except a firm requirement to run on PHP version 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, or 8.2 and a slight reduction is size.