2.0 Stable is out in the wild!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 Tags: patch, release, bugs

"Blistering Behemoth" has been distributed as the first stable release for Exponent CMS v2.0.  Though the development team has been 'pushing this beast at breakneck speed' to release it before the end of summer...we think you'll be pleased with all the bugs that have been fixed and the new features which have been added since 'release candidate 2' hit the streets only a few weeks ago.

Version 2.0 (stable) now becomes the baseline for the Exponent CMS project.  We HIGHLY recommend that all sites running a pre-release version of 2.0 be upgraded to the stable code. (As a note, the file structure layout has dramatically changed over the course of the last few pre-release versions, therefore we recommend installing from a nearly clean folder, meaning only the /conf/config.php file and the /files folder are all that remain.)

Here's a partial list of changes since RC2:

  • Adds database and file import/export; includes installation with optional sample content
  • Updates several modules including Ecommerce
  • Fixes RC2 bugs, and completes implementation of style changes
  • New on-screen instructions for obtaining needed external settings (keys) w/ links to obtain them
  • Now places all temp files in 'tmp' folder and all uploads in 'files' folder
  • Revised and configurable Twitter view with many options; can now send tweets
  • More subsystems migrated to 2.0 format deprecating the 1.0 version, including language support
  • Better error checking in 3rd party libraries (mail & twitter)
  • Better migration of 0.9x data

If you encounter any problems, we'd ask that you first visit the documentation and integrated help site at docs.exponentcms.org.  You can find additional help in the forums at forums.exponentcms.org.  And if you encounter any issues you'd like to report to the development team, please submit at ticket at exponentcms.lighthouse.com

And though it's not a direct, nor a 'feature-for-feature' upgrade from the 0.9x versions, we'd also recommend you begin with a test installation of 2.0 stable in a separate folder and migrating (importing) your existing content (database).  We'd appreciate any feedback you might provide that would assist or expedite your transition to v2.0.