Fix for 2.0 (stable) File Manager & Installer Issues

Friday, September 9, 2011 Tags: patch, bugs

An issue exists in the 2.0 (stable) File Manager where it will not return with the selected file/graphic when you click on the 'Use this Image' icon.

A second issue exists where the installer will not pass the 'framework/modules-1/' sanity check.

This patch fixes those problems.

To install:

  • Download the patch file from github here
  • Login as administrator
  • Select the Exponent, Developer Tools, Extensions, Upload Extension menu item
  • Click on the 'Upload Extension' button and select the downloaded file
  • Click on the 'Continue with Installation' button (there are only two files listed)

This fix simply replaces the '/framework/modules/file/views/file/picker_cke.tpl' and '/install/include/sanity.php' files.
Alternatively, you can manually extract the files to those locations.