End of Year Closeouts!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 Tags: preview

The next version of Exponent should be out before 2016 arrives. It will include a number of bug fixes and a few new features. The most important fix deals with PHP version compatibility.  Fixes and updates since v2.3.5patch2 include:

  • Again, the most important fix is PHP version 7 compatibility.  PHP v7 has recently been released as a stable version and it runs twice as fast as v5.x
    • Additionally, we will be quickly moving away from our support for PHP versions 5.3 and 5.4 since they are no longer recommended nor maintained...and official PHP v5.5 support ends next July (2016).   PHP v5.2.x support in Exponent was dropped several versions ago.
  • Many 3rd party libraries will be updated to their latest versions which typically fix many bugs and possible security issues
  • The optional Ajax paging should now work much better, especially if you use router maps
  • Adds a new optional 'in-context' PayPal Express checkout which allows display of the Exponent shopping cart in back of the PayPal details for a better customer shopping experience
  • A new optional upgrade script to quickly clean up the file database by removing all missing files and adding all new files to the database.  It also fixes a possible bad meta data stored about some files.  These features were missing from the elFinder file manager.
  • Sharpens the elFinder file manager display and adds elFinder 'themes'.  In addition to a cleaned up OSX style theme, there is a CKEditor and a Windows 10 style.
  • plus several other fixes and tweaks

Most likely this release will be called version 2.3.6 since we've not yet implemented some of the milestones for a v2.4.0.  All-in-all a good way to start your new year.