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Version 3.0.0 Release Candidate #1 Released - internally becomes version 3.0.1

February 13, 2023 Tags: release, bugs, preview

(Updated 3/4/23) Though initially released as v3.0.0rc1, the version was changed internally to v3.0.1 so the two versions (v2.7.x & v3.0.x) would mimic each other in minor version. This better identifies similarity in features between both branches. This will become apparent with the imminent release of a patch #1 to both v2.7.1 and (now) v3.0.1. There have been no issues noted with the v3 initial release.

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Upcoming Patch #2 for V2.6.0

October 2, 2021 Tags: patch, bugs, preview

A final patch for Exponent CMS v2.6.0 is being prepared for release before the end of 2021. This patch fixes support for MySQL v8.0.x for the new '`rank`' keyword which may have prevented content from displaying and increases PHP v8 compatibility, in addition to many other fixes and tweaks, and some security fixes. It also allows running (instead of crashing) under PHP v8.1 though full support will not be final. It also updates several 3rd party libraries.

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Merry Christmas 2020 from Exponent CMS!

December 5, 2020 Tags: release, preview

Merry ChristmasThough 2020 has left most of us longing for something better, the majority of us have made it through the year. To celebrate, we'll be releasing a new version of Exponent CMS shortly.. Version 2.6.0 will add support for PHP v7.4 and MySql 'strict' mode. It will also add initial support for PHP v8.0 and Twitter Bootstrap v5. Additionally it adds a new optional Simplified Permissions system to help speed up large (eCommerce) sites by reducing every user to either an Admin or a either have permissions or you don't! We've also added optional support for loading most of our main libraries (jQuery, Bootstrap, YUI, and Font-Awesome) by CDN link to help speed up some sites. Several of those features had crept out in patches to v2.5.1, but have been robusted quite a bit since the last patch was released back in the spring. While PHP v8 support has been tested, there may still be some unidentified quirks, but it will allow your site to run under PHP v8 which Exponent v2.5.1 will not allow. Additionally, the Twitter Bootstrap v5 support requires an additional, optional package which will include a sample theme. This will initially be an 'beta' level release since Bootstrap v5 is still beta and there may be some breaking changes before it reaches 'stable' in the next months.

Bootstrap 5 Integration Coming...

June 19, 2020 Tags: theming, preview

Now that Twitter Bootstrap v5.0.0 alpha 1 has been released we have begun integrating support into Exponent CMS. The next release (v2.6.0) will include optional support for the new framework. Though it will initially be shipped as an optional addon, the basic support will be included in the main package. Just as with the initial integration of Bootstrap 4 there will be a separate 'beta' package to add the additional files including a sample theme. Please bear in mind that until Bootstrap 5 reaches a release stage there may be breaking changes with their implementation.

v2.3.7/v2.3.7 Patch #1 Bug

January 4, 2016 Tags: bugs, preview

You can expect a v2.3.7 patch #2 to be released later this week (1st full week of 2016) to fix a v2.3.7 regression bug which prevents editing or copying calendar events.  There is no work-around for this bug, however it doesn't affect creating new events.  The patch will also fix some styling issues with bootstrap 3 based themes, clean up the optional ajax paging urls, and remove some warnings which prevent some ajax calls and xmlrpc from working when error reporting is turned on.

End of Year Closeouts!

December 15, 2015 Tags: preview

The next version of Exponent should be out before 2016 arrives. It will include a number of bug fixes and a few new features. The most important fix deals with PHP version compatibility.  Fixes and updates since v2.3.5patch2 include:

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Upcoming Patch to v2.3.5 Will Address Several Issues

October 2, 2015 Tags: patch, bugs, preview

Computer bugsSeveral issues which are found within the most recent release (v2.3.5) have been identified and fixed, and a patch to v2.3.5 will be released in the near future.  While several of these bugs are only present in v2.3.5 (and no previous version), some of these have been present for quite a while.  The following issues have been resolved:

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What to look for in the next release - v2.3.5

August 17, 2015 Tags: preview

Enhanced Password Support(Updated Sept 16th) The next update to Exponent will be a version upgrade, v2.3.5 which should be out before Fall 2015.  They'll be several new features and enhancements in addition to many bug fixes especially to the elFinder file manager.  Here's a partial list of changes from v2.3.4:

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New Year Resolution for 2015

December 27, 2014 Tags: preview, ecommerce

New Year's ResolutionWith the new year upon us and a fresh release (v2.3.2) pushing us along, what's in store for Exponent CMS in 2015?  Though there are no major changes or updates planned at this point (unlike this time last year), you can rest assured there will be many fixes, tweaks, and interface improvements this coming year,  ​

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What's in store for the next version? (v2.3.0)

April 8, 2014 Tags: preview

(Updated 11 Apr 2014) It's been a while since the last update to Exponent...which was the plan.  Several users were having to spend an inordinate amount of time continually updating their sites to the latest version, so we've slowed down our version updates from monthly to between quarterly and semi-annually (every 3 to 6 months).  Hopefully, the 2014 Wish List article whetted your appetite for what will actually hit the streets later this spring.  Because we'll be implementing MANY new features, we've also decided to bump minor versions. Here's some of the things you can look forward to in v2.3.0.

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