Patch #6 Released for V2.4.1 to fix a few Big Issues

Saturday, September 2, 2017 Tags: patch, release, bugs

This patch fixes two big problems in v2.4.1 patch #5 (and prior): where a custom WYSIWYG Editor configuration may cause a page's javascript to crash (making a page display odd); and several Workflow issues. It also addresses several other problems users may experience. We strongly encourage all Exponent installations be upgraded to v2.4.1 as soon as practical! Patch #6 to v2.4.1 is found at 

v241patch6 adds these features to v241:
- update optional eDebug support for Kint v2.0
- font-awesome icon on page not found view in bootstrap2/3; adds search box if no similar results found
- more secure system password generator
- adds error checking to fileupload control to account for a file not being uploaded due to a server configuration issue

v241patch6 fixes these issues in v241:
- fix ie10 viewport bug workaround
- fix ealerts send, since expBot doesn't appear to be working correctly
- security fix for rouge admins attempting to elevate their permissions (thanks to chengable)
- regression fix (v241p5) valid custom wysiwyg configuration may break page
- fix the verify return shopper view (probably always broken?)
- regression fix (v240) unable to edit existing orders
- regression fix (v240) unable to add/activate user addresses (ecom)
- fix photoalbum bs3 slideshow view to optionally display text
- fix workflow issue which prevented updating item ranks/order
- fix fatal issue when attempting to view form data using default columns
- fixes several issues with workflow, esp. search index

v241patch6 updates these 3rd party libraries in v241:
- tinymce to v4.6.6, adds new help/about plugin
- ckeditor to v4.7.2, also updates autosave plugin
- elFinder to v2.1.28, updates edit file editors
- mediaelement to v4.2.5 and mediaelement plugins to v2.4.0
- normalize.css to v7.0.0
- swiftmailer to v5.4.8 (v6.x requires php v7+)
- easypost library to v3.3.5
- sortable jquery plugin to v1.6.0
- validate jquery plugin to v1.17.0
- xmlrpc to v4.2.0
- plupload to v2.3.3 (used by tinymce quickupload plugin)